Sunday, October 06, 2013

Week 5: Not "Furlough" of Trying

Game 1: Disc Toast
Even on a wind-less, humid day, Sludge racked up 11 breaks. The applied zone created turnovers and took credit for unforced errors.

Offense flow was often pinned against the sidelines, yet frequently found the end zone. Michael to Chris, 2-0; Nigel's shoestring catch then flick to Sarah, 3-2; Chris to Bucci, 5-2; Matthew's cross-field huck; 7-2.

Out of halftime (8-4), Joe threaded a backhand which David speared for a score. Later in the half, Steve showed great concentration grabbing a tipped disc in the end zone; 11-5. Brian, then, brought it down a full level by dropping an easy score. Win 15-6.

Game 2: Dr Von Rhino
After an unnecessary field switch away from the coveted shade, Sludge faced off against the spring 2013 WAFC B League champs.

Sludge took an early break at 2-1, though the first half eventually played out on serve; 7-8.

Joe's huck to Rachel, caught by Chris, 3s; Christy to Matthew who tossed a floater nicely read by Russ, 4s; Bucci's one-hander, 6s; Charlie to Russ to Michael's tiptoe of the front line, 7s.

Sludge was broken early in the second half; 7-10. Bucci got brown out of its funk with a flick hanger nabbed by Chris, 9-10; Nigel's cross-field backhand to Bucci was caught by Rachel; 11-12.

Unlike the U.S. government, Sludge was just unable to shutdown Dr's offense. Loss 11-15.

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