Thursday, January 16, 2014

Benefits of a Professional Ultimate Tryout

The 2014 AUDL expansion teams in the West Conference are noticeably specific about what their teams are about. First, the SLC Lions; and now, the San Jose Spiders.

The Spiders detail ALL the "things" to participate in their open tryouts:

"Things you'll get to do at the Spiders tryout.
  • Get a sweet Spiders Practice Jersey like the one in the picture.
  • Get picture taken in front of the new Spiders promo banner.
  • Get to play Ultimate at the home stadium of the San Jose Spiders.
  • Get a chance to make the Spiders team.
  • Get a chance to make the Spiders practice squad.
  • Get a chance to participate in the invite tryout to play against the Spiders team on Feb 1st.
  • Make a name for yourself now and be in the hunt for a contract during the 2015 free agency period!"
Screengrab of "Things"
That's right! The second provided "thing" is a photo in front of their "new" banner. Oh, and being picked to play for the team is mentioned by the fourth "thing"! 

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