Thursday, January 30, 2014

Uniform History: Indianapolis AlleyCats

The Indianapolis AlleyCats released a mockup of their new Nike Apparel jerseys. You read correctly! The 2014 Indy AUDL team will be sporting kits with the Nike logo on them.

Here's a look at Indy's pro Ultimate uniforms. Starting in 2012, the gigantic cat head dominated the jersey and the number was misplaced. In 2013, the jersey started to look uniform-like; though, the away jersey's stripes were too busy, and the cat head size was still too dominant on the home jersey. The 2014 jerseys are clean and simplified - one color jerseys, no added design, and the team's familiar logo on both the home & away jerseys.
AlleyCats Away Jerseys (2012-2014)

AlleyCats Home Jerseys (2012-2014)
[All images via AlleyCats Facebook page]

The AlleyCats are the lone team in the American Ultimate Disc League whose uniforms are not made by the league's merchandise company, VC Ultimate. Meaning, the online AUDL Store features every AUDL team, except the AlleyCats. AlleyCats merch is only sold through Indy's 'Cats Store. As told by the AUDL, Indy's team owners decided to work with their preferred vendors based on their years in the merchandising business.

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Jedi said...

I really dont like these Nike jerseys. The look so generic and ordinary. It's just a colored polyester with the logo. I am more a fan of the sublimated "bring a cat on the jersey"-Things.