Monday, January 20, 2014

Ultimate High

via Spocial Revolution: The Ultimate Frisbee – More than just a flying disc
By Sushmita Azad, 19

...That's the sort of love that unites Ultimate Frisbee players from across the world. It's that instant camaraderie that springs out of sharing something special that can bring kids from NGO's and international schools together, put them on the same platform and have them leave the best of friends, sipping some elneer[1] outside Kanteerava after another tiring session, knowing that they've found something beautiful.

And that's why I play. Not just for the game, but also for the amazing experiences I have while doing it – at tournaments all over the country, all the interesting people it helps me meet and all the good that I can be a part of , in my own little way. And lastly, but most importantly, because the high that playing Ultimate Frisbee gives me, is pretty damn unbeatable. And the more the number of people that discover this joy, the farther the happiness spreads.

[h/t The Alternative]

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