Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fool's Fest 2014

Since 1977, the mission of Fool's Fest has been to put on the most Foolish Ultimate tourney on the planet.
When: April 4 - 6, 2014

Where: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Deadline: Regular bids ($600) and due by February 20th. Submit by January 31st to take advantage of the early bird benefits:
1) Save $50 on your bid [$550]
2) Bid protection so your bid cannot be rejected in the early bid selection; only accepted or waitlisted for the 2nd round, &
3) The option of adjusting your team and switching your bid from one division to another (one that may have fewer bid submissions than your original selection), if you so choose, to better your chances for acceptance.

Details: WAFC's Fool's Fest 2014 will feature 3 divisions of play – open, mixed, and women's. Each round of ultimate play will be immediately followed by some act of foolishness - a game or otherwise - conceived by the competing teams. Teams are asked to be as creative as possible and are reminded props are not only allowed, but also highly encouraged! This will be a big factor for both the bid selection as well as this year's Spirit Awards.

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