Monday, January 27, 2014

Vancouver Riptide Logo

Two Canadian teams were added to the AUDL for its 2014 season - Montreal Royal and Vancouver Riptide. For their original logo, the Riptide paid $799 utilizing a crowdsourced design competition.

Designers were directed to employ colors of the Seattle Seahawks and provided background of "The Riptide name is consistent with the incredible throws that rip the disc downfield and the marine theme common to Vancouver sports franchises. eg Whitecaps, Orcas etc." Designers were later cautioned "don't get too "fishy" - there a few that look like Flipper in the movie and the Shark theme is taken by another team, the New Jersey Hammerheads."

Out of the 369 received designs, the Vancouver AUDL team received some awful entries. Why, yes that does look like a killer whale flicking flipping a green disc!

Eventually, this orca logo was chosen as the "winner" of the online contest.
Riptide's "Orca" logo
Later, the Riptide stripped down the winning logo, retaining only the font (Ethnocentric Rg) design.

Riptide's logo-less logo

In November 2013, Vancouver revealed this strikingly improved logo. Compared to the original, the circle shape returns with Seattle hues, with city and team name positioned as an overlay. The "RIPTIDE" type is kept with nimble changes -- different coloring, edges on the R, D, T & E have less of a cut angle and the P & T touch. 
Riptide's 2014 logo

The AUDL professional Ultimate team Vancouver Riptide, who are owned by Lloyd Sports Management group, got what they paid for with their initial logo -- unprofessional logo designs. Their $800 investment did land them a font type; a font that is available for free.

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