Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breakdown of MLU 2014 Home Jerseys

Many design elements factor into the jerseys of Major League Ultimate. Here's a fashion breakdown of the eight MLU home team jerseys:
MLU Colors: Seven colors make up the jersey palette. The Current and Dogfish share the black jersey color. The other 6 teams have their own distinct color.
MLU Jersey Styles: The "Pulse" Puma style belongs only to the Rumble, while the rest of MLU teams share Puma styles with at least one other team. Three teams (Current, Dogfish and Nighthawks) share the "Spirit" style. The "PowerCat" (Spinner, Stags) features a V-neck cut.

Logo position: The majority of teams (5) have their logo positioned in the center of the jersey, except for the Current, Spinners and Rainmakers.

Numbers placement: This element of number location has the most variety; Rainmakers have it centered, Current on the right, Spinners to the left, and Rumble's jersey forgoes it altogether.
[Based on images of released jerseys.]

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