Friday, January 10, 2014

Promote Women's Ultimate

Emily Baecher's great Ultiworld article has stirred the gender pot. Women playing ultimate is certainly not a new topic, but it's still great to read about positive efforts. Looking back at this spring 2000 UPA Newsletter, the UPA's National Women's Director, Cindy Fisher, dispenses advice on how to promote ultimate to women:
Her advice:
1. Support your local women's college team. If you don't have one, start one. If you already have a string one, then help start a second one.
They are your future.

2. Host some local &/or regional women's tournaments or teaching clinics.
Club players, you have influence, skills, and experience. Help out and support your community.

3. Organize a women's pickup game &/or hat tournament.
Great for league players who have never played single-gender Ultimate before. Plus, it's great for college players to play with club players.

Women's Ultimate promotional poster (circa 2000)
She concludes her article with, "Let's all do what we can for OUR sport. Get involved locally. Promote women's Ultimate."

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