Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best Of in 2014

bestofTime to air out our B.O....

So much happened this year with pro leagues, Worlds, USAU Triple Crown Tour. There were nearly 400 posts this year (that averages to outputting more than once-per-day) covering topics related to the sport of ultimate. Let's reflect on the year gone by!

2014's Best-Of based on traffic
Top 20 Posts in '14

20. COMPARISON: Pro Ultimate team tryout fees (2014)

19. RANKINGS: AUDL Teams by Offense & Defense

18. COMPARISON: Seed vs Results at USAU Nationals

17. VISUAL: Triple Crown Tour 2014 Regionals Recap

16. Mayor's proclamation of Scandal Day in DC

15. MKBHD appeared in WIRED

14. VINE: 21 WFDF Hand Signals for Ultimate

13. Erin Andrews played Ultimate in a TV commercial, so did Tony the Tiger.

12. College Scholarship for Ultimate

11. INTERVIEW: Before AUDL and MLU, there was Professional Ultimate League


9. INTERVIEW: Sarah Itoh & Molly Roy on their pro team tryout


7. Clean Up Your Ultimate Field, or EL$E

6. Categorizing pro Ultimate team names

5. SURVEY RESULTS: Skills in the sport of Ultimate

4. VIDEO: Player Stereotypes in Ultimate

3. Odds to win the 2014 AUDL

2. Sportsbook of every single professional Ultimate game in 2014

1. Founders of WhatsApp: Ultimate players, Billionaires

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