Wednesday, December 03, 2014

awERICness Day

Today is Early Recognition Is Critical (E.R.I.C.) Awareness Day.

E.R.I.C. aims to educate youth about cancer symptoms and body awareness through Ultimate Frisbee which they describe as: a "gentleman's sport" in that all players work on the honor system and games are self-regulated and scored. Ultimate Frisbee teaches life lessons because Spirit of the Game is paramount in the rule book. It is the perfect sport for teaching self-respect and body-awareness.

FACT: Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types. More than 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the U.S. – that’s more than all others cancers combined!

FACT: Nearly 1 in every 2 males will develop cancer (~1 in 4 will die from cancer); 1 in every 3 females will develop cancer (~1 in 5 will die from cancer). [ACS]

FACT: Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.

Ultimate players, remember: slip, slop, slap, seek, slide. For the slap, DIY a "Frisbee Hat," or use an ultimate disc as a hat.

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