Wednesday, December 10, 2014

USA Ultimate to Require Tryouts for WUGC Teams

Starting in 2016, an Application-and-Tryout process will be utilized to select teams representing USA Ultimate. This new process will affect open, women's and mixed divisions playing at the World Flying Disc Federation's World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) event; Masters divisions are not impacted.

USAU cites interesting data showing a difference of team results when players are required to apply for the national team and/or participate in a tryout versus automatic bids for championship teams.

100% of APPLICATION/TRYOUTS teams medaled, with 89% (8/9) being gold.

89% of national championship TEAMS earned a medal, only 33% (3/9) earned gold.

Text: "In the last edition of each major international event in which American teams were chosen by an application or tryout process, the U.S. National Team won eight gold and one silver medal in the open, women's and mixed divisions. (2014 WJUC: 1 gold, 1 silver; 2013 U23: 3 gold; 2013 World Games: 1 gold; 2011 WCBU: 3 gold). 
In the last three editions of WUGC in which USA Ultimate national champions represented the U.S., teams brought home three gold medals, three silver, two bronze and a fourth-place finish."

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