Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pittsburgh Thunderbirds to Play in AUDL Midwest Division

According to Pittsburgh's website, the Thunderbirds will be playing the 2015 AUDL season in the Midwest Division; not in the East Division. This transfer has been rumored hereherehere and shown here, yet only recently appeared on their website.

The team quietly moved - without any formal announcement from the league nor team - from one division to another which evens out the two divisions with seven teams each and avoids an in-state rivalry with Philadelphia. Pittsburgh becomes the easternmost city in the AUDL Midwest Division.

See the text changes via PGH's About webpage,
Old screengrab listing Eastern Division teams

Recent screengrab listing Midwestern Division teams

The AUDL's website originally positioned Pittsburgh in the East Division, but the current listing shows Pittsburgh in the Midwest.
Screengrab [October 2014]

The homepage of the Thunderbirds' website still needs some updating, though.

Another notable tidbit per the webpage is the 2015 AUDL Championships is scheduled for early August instead of late July. 

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