Monday, December 29, 2014

Ultimate Players Gift (Card) Guide - 2014

Time to spend your gift cards on stuff you really want. Consider patronizing these fine ultimate providers with these specially selected items:

NOTE: Items have been independently selected by browsing each company's store. $0 of sales get kickedback to this blog. PLEASE SUPPORT ULTIMATE COMPANIES!

Ultimate 101 jersey  [Breakmark]
Know the sport's basics inside and out........$45.

Ultimate Disclip v2  [Disclips]
Plastic holding plastic.........$6.99

USA Junior National Team jersey  [Five Ultimate]
This red sublimated jersey is so patriotic with its stripes, it doesn't need any stars.......$50.

Clippers/Bottle Opener  [Friction Gloves]
Cut & get open......$2.49.

Hucket  [Hucket Bucket]
A 6-gallon bucket ready to store your Ultimate discs and support your seated weight on the sidelines.........$30.

Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man (revised 2015, 3rd edition)  [Kindle]
How can a great book about the greatest sport get better? Dunno. Please read it and then let me know. ...$4.99

Yeti Fur Socks  [SAVAGE]
Non-verbal announcement of your "monster" defense......$12.00.

Pickle Juice Tank Top  [Spin]
Delicious sports science spelled out on a tank.....$34.95.

Peace Love Ultimate T-shirt  [Ultees]
If the beauty of SOTG could talk it would utter these 3 words.....$25.75.

Signature Series: NexGen  [UltiCards]
A card deck featuring drills and exercises from pretty good players....$15.

Donation  [Ultimate Peace]
Your donation goes toward sponsoring Arab Israeli, Jewish Israeli and Palestinian youth to attend Summer Camp sessions, as well as, CIT Leadership Training Program and community year round programs.

Gift Certificate  [UltiPhotos]
"Focus" on your Ultimate-loving friends and family by giving them an UltiPhotos gift certificate! All quality pics - available as download or printed - taken by professional photographers.

Donation  [USA Ultimate Foundation]
Support USAU programs &/or national teams with plastic (your credit card).

Layout Long Sleeve  [VC]
If our sport required a flag, its design would look something like this......$35.

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