Thursday, December 18, 2014

D.C. Current Makes WaPo Sports Top-10 List

Washington, D.C. Current made an end-of-the-year favorite list in The Washington Post's Sports Bog, "The top 10 D.C. sports phrases of 2014."

"The D.C. Current, who captured the Major League Ultimate championship this year, won an early-season game against Boston with a last-second floaty hammer. It's a type of throw, but don't worry about what it means. Just appreciate those two words together."

[h/t @JeffSnader]

[UPDATED 12/23/12]
The same Top-10 list was published in the December 23 print issue of Express newspaper (a publication of The Washington Post).


Watch the last second play:

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Tony Leonardo said...

hey alright i'm famous in DC and i haven't even done anything illegal, immoral or ideologically-driven