Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chart: USA Ultimate Beach Championships 2016

The second annual USA Ultimate Beach Championships Virginia Beach, Virginia, starts this weekend. 
USA Ultimate is hosting 65 teams in 5 divisions - Grand Masters, Men, Mixed, Mixed Masters, Women - hailing from 22 different North American states/province/territory.  North Carolina is represented the most with 9 teams. Massachusetts, New York and Virginia each have 5 teams competing at this year's Beach Championships.

North Carolina is the only state to be represented in all 5 divisions; GM: Alchemy and Grave Error, MEN: Right Coast, MIXED: Donkey Play, MIXED MASTERS: Swamp Rats, Ye Olde Boxcar, WOMEN: First in Flight, Retro, Sharks & Kisses.

There are 10 teams (15% of all beach teams) from west of the Mississippi River that are scheduled to appear; they are from California (3), Iowa (3), Colorado (2), Texas (2). There are 2 teams from outside of the United States - both from Toronto, Ontario - competing at USAU Beach Championships.

Locations based on published locations. It is understood that some teams may roster players from different states.

Compare to 2015's event.

[Data via USAU; charted by SLUDGE]

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