Thursday, May 19, 2016

HB Woodlawn Girls Varsity Ultimate Team wins Regional Crown

Congratulations to H-B Woodlawn for winning USA Ultimate's 2016 Southern High School Regional Championship in the Girls Division. The girls varsity ultimate team from the Secondary Program based in Arlington, Virginia, goes by the name of Pandamonium.

The HB-Woodlawn girls ultimate team entered the tournament in Atlanta as the 4th seed. HBW Pandas went (3-0) on the first day of the tourney including a 10-8 victory over the 2nd-seeded Carrboro (North Carolina) High School team.

In Sunday's bracket play, HBW faced off with a familiar opponent - Arlington's Yorktown/Washington-Lee YLee Coyotes, which HBW won by 10-9 (6-7 HT). HBW took down East Chapel Hill (N.C.) High School by 4 goals (10-6) in the semifinals, and then faced the #1 seeded team Paideia School from Atlanta, Georgia.

Both teams entered the finals of High School Southern Regional undefeated at (6-0). HB-Woodlawn won the championship against the defending champions by the score of 8-6. Read USA Ultimate's more detailed recap.

HB-Woodlawn Girls ultimate team is coached by Leslie "Baywatch" Keller, and is captained by
its 2 seniors on the team - Maddy Boyle and Agnes Cheng. Congratulations to all Pandamonium players: Miranda Baltaxe, Katie Franz, Nicole Getter, Kaiya Gordon, Ellie Heil, Ava Jones, Ella Juengst, Bryn Kabiri, Caroline Kassir, Kirsten Knisely, Julianne Meany, Maya Nir, Maura Shapiro, Franci Swisher-Gomez, Caroline Tornquist, and Juliana Walker.

The boy's HB-Woodlawn ultimate team were also successful with 3rd place (tie) finish at Southern Regionals.

[Scores via USAU]

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