Monday, May 16, 2016

USA Ultimate Beach Championships 2016 Results

The 2016 USA Beach Ultimate Championships concluded yesterday in Virginia Beach, VA. Of 65 teams, the 5 winning teams in each division of the 2016 event were:

Men's Division
(1) AND THE WARHAWKS over (10) MidRift, 12-9
Back-to-back championships

Grand Masters Division
(2) No Country over (6) Scrapple, 13-6

Mixed Division
(3) Opig over (1) Pointbreak, 13-8

Mixed Masters Division
(1) Swamp Rats over (2) Over The Hill, 10-7
A repeat of last year's finals & back-to-back championships

Women's Division
(2) Rockford Beaches over (3) Filly LAMP 11-5

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[Scores via USAU Event; photo via Point Break]


jtflynn said...

Can anyone lend insight as to the makeup of these teams? (city/club affiliations?)

Sludge said...

MEN: Cambridge, Massachusetts AND THE WARHAWKS over Iowa City, Iowa MidRift

GM: Brattleboro, Vermont No Country over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Scrapple

MIX: Arlington, Virgina Opig over Los Angeles Pointbreak

MIXED MASTERS: Great Dismal Swamp, North Carolina Swamp Rats over Washington, D.C. Over The Hill

WOMEN: Madison, Wisconsin Rockford Beaches over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Filly LAMP

[city affiliation per USAU event guide]