Friday, May 27, 2016

College Ultimate Teams with Anti-HB2 Displays at Nationals

In addition to USA Ultimate's voicing anti-HB2 sentiments, college ultimate teams that have traveled to North Carolina to play in USA Ultimate's College Championships are supporting the fight against HB2 (or pro-LGTBQIA+) in North Carolina in colorful ways.

A few college ultimate teams updated their twitter avatar:

Carleton College CUT

Case Western Reserve University Fighting Gobies

UC Berkeley Pie Queens
Whitman Sweets


Other ways:

Rainbow hair style by Oregon Fugue

Pie Queens' spirit flag

Pitt Danger's flag, headbands & bracelets

Oregon Ego's stance is simple yet blunt.

Ottawa University's rainbow flag.

Michigan Flywheel coach with rainbow mohawk

A USAU observer sporting a rainbow wristband

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NOTE: This is an non-comprehensive list. Happy to update as appropriate.

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