Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Comparison: 2016 Records of Cities with Two Pro Ultimate Teams

Looking at just the cities with two teams in the pro ultimate leagues, what are those 6 teams' combined records so far?

San Francisco FlameThrowers (6-0; AUDL) and Philadelphia Spinners (5-0; MLU) are the only undefeated teams on this city list. Vancouver Nighthawks (0-6; MLU) and Philadelphia Phoenix (0-3; AUDL) are both winless.

At a combined (7-5) — Rainmakers (3-2; MLU) and Cascades (4-3; AUDL) — Seattle is the only city with both pro ultimate teams with a winning record.


DanD said...
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DanD said...

Phoenix are 0-3 as well correct? So Nighthawks aren't fully alone.

Sludge said...

You are correct. PHL Phx (0-3) AND Van NH (0) are both winless. UPDATED!