Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chart: Division-I Championship College Ultimate Teams

A total of 40 D-I college ultimate teams qualified for USA Ultimate's 2016 College Championships. Of the 20 qualifying men's college teams and 20 qualifying women's college ultimate teams, there are 6 schools that are sending BOTH their men's & women's college ultimate teams.

They are: Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Washington and Wisconsin. The D-III event is scheduled for May 27-30 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

* = Carleton College's DI women's team (Syzygy) did not qualify, but their DIII women's team qualified for (& won) the D-III championship.
^ = Colorado College's men's ultimate team played in the D-III championship.

[updated 10:40am]

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Anonymous said...

Carleton's Women's team winning DIII is not the whole story.

Carleton traditionally has two teams (somewhat separate, so not exactly A- and B-team) on both Men's and Women's side, one competing in DI, the other competing in DIII.
Their DIII teams (GOP and Eclipse) both qualified for DIII Nationals, Eclipse ended up winning.
On the DI side, CUT made Nationals it but the Women's team Syzygy didn't qualify.