Monday, May 02, 2016

Evan Lepler Profiled by

Evan Lepler's bold move was already micro-chronicled back in March 2015, but now a recent article profiles the man known as 'The Voice of Ultimate.' He freely admits he's "got an awesome life."

This Sharon native is betting big on ultimate Frisbee [, 04.23.2016]
Evan Lepler is one of ESPN's ultimate Frisbee broadcasters. And no, he doesn't work for 'the Ocho'

From the article:
Evan: "I was convinced that the league was in a really good place and I wanted to be a part of it to try and help make it flourish. It was a very hard choice, since I never imagined that I would voluntarily walk away from being the 'Voice of the Salem Sox.'"

Mike Couzens, who called games with Lepler during his first tournament with ESPN and USA Ultimate: "You have to admire someone for taking such a huge life risk. The AUDL, or any other pro ultimate league, you don't know if it's a sure-thing for the next 30 days, and whether it's going to go under. So I think it's like somebody who takes their entire life savings, and pours it into trying to start a business."

Now, he's one of the sources for that news with his broadcasts, written coverage (Tuesday Toss), and a podcast.

Read the full article.

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