Monday, May 23, 2016

D-III College Ultimate Champions - 2016 results

The finals of the 2016 D-III College Ultimate Championships were completed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Sunday May 22. The results:

Women: Carleton College Eclipse
Carleton College Eclipse (8) over Rice University Torque (2) by the score of 11-10 [8-4 half].

Men: Georgia College Disconnected
Georgia College Disconnected (9) over Brandeis TRON (7) by the score of 13-11 [6-8 half].

So, two of the 3 schools whose men's AND women's teams qualified won ultimate championships. The other school - Claremont - tied for 7th in Women's & the Men's team tied for 13th.

[Scores via USAU]

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