Thursday, June 23, 2016

TBT: U.S. Teams at Past WUGC in U.K.

WFDF's World Ultimate and Guts Championships have been hosted in the United Kingdom twice before - 1986 and 1994 - in Colchester . This year's WUGC is currently hosted in London.

At the 1986 WUGC, USA won gold in the Men's and Women's divisions with Flying Circus (M) and Lady Condors (W). Both teams went undefeated and finished with a (15-0) record.

Then at the 1994 WUGC, USA won gold again in Men's and Women's division, plus another gold in the Men's Masters division — their 3rd gold in a row. New York Ultimate (M) won the final over Sweden by the score of 22-20. The USA Masters team had a player named "Nob" Rauch on the roster won all 8 games and beat Canada in the finals. Maine-iacs (W) won all 10 games en route to gold, with an astounding average goal differential of 15.6 (games were played to 19).

[photos via Hartti Suomela]

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