Thursday, June 30, 2016

Updated Logo for DC Ambiguous Grey

Ambiguous Grey - Washington DC's elite mixed ultimate team - has an updated logo.

The new logo barely has any resemblance to their old identities. At the bottom, the familiar 'A-G'  in the row of 3 stars is saved from the D.C. flag motif, minus the 2 horizontal bars. The red, white and blue United States Military star and stripes aircraft crest is replaced with a blue-ish purple-y stone-faced bear atop stripes related to the military rank of a Petty Officer, second class.

The 2 D.C. flag "bars" may have been repurposed as a bent perch for the the bear mount. Unintentionally, the bear's face leaves the negative space for the letters D and C.

I am blanking on any DC references for bears.  Panda bears? Yes. Beards? Yep. Bears? nope. Perhaps the bear is AG's spirit animal. For what it's worth, an anagram of their team name is: "Yogi bear mug us."

See how the AG's new logo will look on their lucid 2016 jerseys:

Just in time before the team starts defending their Pro Flight status in the Triple Crown Tour's mixed division.

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