Friday, June 17, 2016

Donation Breakdown of WFDF WUGC Streaming Project

Over $85,000 was collected by the World Flying Disc Federation in the springtime. 
In addition to the week-long international ultimate tournament in London, WFDF is also undertaking the community-funded video project of broadcasting games.

Based on limited data provided via Kickstarter, over half (58.4%) of the WFDF donations came from the United and United Kingdom. (Only the top-10 locations were published online, so analysis is limited.)

Of the 1,183 donations, London was the top city with 78 backers followed by Sydney (28) and Seattle (28). Other notable cities with a large concentration of backers was Washington, D.C. (21), Vancouver  (20) New York  (20), Melbourne (18), Auckland (16), Toronto (15), and Los Angeles (14).

A calculator says that the average donation amount = $72.00.

View the stream schedule of WUGC ultimate games.

[Data scraped via; compiled by SLUDGE]

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