Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WUGC Guts Game

There are 8 international Guts teams competing at WFDF's World (Ultimate and) Guts Championship(s).  Germany and the United States each have 2 teams and Australia, Belgium, Great Britain and Japan each have one team.

The flying disc (or technically flying Frisbee) game of Guts is said to be "an easy game to play; a hard game to win." Games are played to 21 points and calls are made by players on the field.

Guts teams stand 15 yards apart with game action described as: "You've got 30 seconds of terror followed by a minute or two of relaxation while one of your guys throws, followed by another adrenaline rush."

Watch a WUGC game between USA versus Japan:

The 2015 North American Guts Frisbee Champions The Appleton (Wisconsin) Assassins represent the USA.  Mike Colden, Fox Cities Guts Frisbee Club president and tournament director, boasts "[The Appleton Assassins] got so much speed, velocity and youth on the disc that it's almost impossible not to win."

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