Tuesday, September 04, 2012


A disc, a field, & a cloned version of mini-Ultimate.

Goaltimate is a non-contact, disc sport played by two, 4- or 5-player teams on a circular field, which is 45 yards in diameter.

BASICS: Similar to Ultimate Frisbee, upon which it is based, but relies on short, quick cuts and passes. Often referred to as the "half-court basketball version of Ultimate."

OBJECT: To score points by passing the disc to a teammate in a small scoring area, through a semi-circular goal. The passage into the end zone is through an arching goal vaulting 11 feet into the air. Points are scored when a player throws the Ultimate disc through the front of the goal and the receiver catches the disc in the 6x8-yard end zone. More rules...

SCORING: Each goal counts for 1 point. Or, 2 points for goals thrown from behind the "Clear" line. After a score, the offense maintains possession and must work the disc back to the Clear line in order to advance for another score.

[SOURCE: WorldGoaltimate + SBU]

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