Thursday, September 27, 2012

Horizontal Stack

Horizontal stack ("Ho") is an Ultimate offense strategy meant to position cutters into lanes so handlers can more easily find open throwing lanes. Think of "Ho" as zone-y stack. 
Horizontal Offense Strategy [(c) Ulticards]
In this strategy, there are 4 cutters spread across the field 10-20 yards from the 3 handlers who are setup like a zone offense. Horizontal offense relies on keeping the middle of the field clear at all times. Players in the stack make active cuts directly towards or away from the disc - never in the same direction - so that they are always in their assigned lane (numbered). Also, cutters should not cut to the same place. The cutters in lanes 2 and 4 go deep while simultaneous cut from lanes 1 and 3 have more space to get open.

When a cutter catches the disc, they immediately look for an open upfield throw. If there is no open throw before "stall 4", then the cutter should take the dump. So, the disc, and the defense, is kept in motion.

The most important part of this offense is for cutters to stay within their lane so defenders cannot guard two players at once. Ho is a good alternative to the vertical stack ("Vert"), but takes stamina to run the entire game.

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