Friday, September 28, 2012

Parks and Rec Ultimate Frisbee moment

NBC's Parks and Recreation gets all presidential with a segment on "Ultimate Frisbee".

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Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott): Hey, dude, do you play Ultimate?

Intern: Yeah, I play intramural at Georgetown.

Ben: Dude, so did I…in college.

April: Oh, you should get married.

Ben: We should play tomorrow morning in the park.

Intern: What about the website?

Ben:  What…ever. You can put those pics up anytime. We should lock down some tight disc grabs. Am-i-right, “el-bones”?

Intern: Yeah, sounds good.

Ben: Yeah.

Intern: It’s better than working.

Ben: Ha, ha. No doubt, No doubt! Alright listen up, pizza lovers…
Tomorrow morning...pre-work Ultimate in the park! Everyone's invited. What do you say?
Let's do it to it, me dudes!

Ben: You ready for a scoober party?...Alligator catch!...Alright, good effort, good effort....Make sure we don't turn this thing into a blade chuck festival, okay?...Banana cut!

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