Friday, September 21, 2012

How To: Run Track on an Ultimate Field

Track practice ("Tractice") seems a popular activity among Ultimate teams. But at what length?  How many miles do you run while playing Ultimate?? Knowing this mileage would help with building your running endurance.

1 yard = 0.000568182 mile, 1 mile = 1760 yards, 1760 yards = 16 Ultimate field lengths.
Averaging 150 yards running per point, you would run the first mile during your 12th point.

Utilize the Ultimate field as a running track...

1-mile Conversion [Yardage x Lengths]
A: 20-yard (end zones) x 88
B: 40-yard (field width) x 44
C: 70-yard (field) x 25.1
D: 90-yard (field + end zone) x 19.5
E: 110-yard (field + end zones) x 16
F: 300 yards (lap around the field) x 5.8

Of course, track running is much different than the jog-shuffle-run-cut-sprint nature necessary in Ultimate.

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