Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1: Très Bon

After 111 days since the last Pool Party, 112 days since the last scheduled game, and two years since a roster addition, the first fall season game (the 29th of Sludge's career) began with a nearly full squad.

Down 0-1 after a break score, Jen scored the first point of the season. Strong D propelled Sludge O. Henry to Steve; 3-1. Joe to Nigel; 4-1. MattHew to Henry to Steve to Sarah to Jen to Nigel; 5-1. CHarlie to Bucci to Brian; 6-1.
Fresh from summer "retirement" Brian swings.
Sludge gorged on Shamrock 'N' Roll's turnovers which were influenced by a strong wind throughout the game. A Bucci score from Andrew; 7-4. Play became sloppier after 11 points. Specifically, Sludge's O was most effective when there were 9 or less passes. More than ten passes meant less cutting & higher stall counts leading to less-than-desired throws. One throw went deep into the endzone where CHris made a diving bid that unfortunately could not be caught, but fortunately avoided a collision with a portable light tower.

Point duration was increasing as the wind was shifting. A zone defense provided a needed brown patience, resulting in a work-up; 10-6. Another break score after MattHew flicked a 15-yarder in traffic to Steve; 11-6. Joe sent a swooping flick to the endzone which Rachel snagged; 12-7.
Steve hammers over the defender.
At 13-10, Sludge's broken O was fixed by a Bucci backhand to a "no-react" Joe for point number 14. Sludge defense made a smashing return with a "Jen-ing" – a variance of the newest internet meme – where you smackdown a D, collide with the opponent & then bleed orange while in a seated position on the ground.

The game ended with MicHael's 4-yard forehand to Nigel just inside the sideline cone; Win 15-12.

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