Thursday, September 20, 2012


Spend too much time on your phone? Wish you were playing Ultimate? Now you can do BOTH!

Championship Ultimate [Axis Sivitz]

Info: The first fully featured game based on the sport of Ultimate. Features 3D graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, and customizeable teams. Run, cut, pull, huck, & layout with real men's and women's college + club teams. Play an exhibition game or a full 16 team tournament with pool and bracket play. Learn the rules & strategies of Ultimate in the extensive manual. Test your skills with the training mode, which includes target practice, layout practice, & various team drills. Create your own team & customize its uniform. Compete in front of a cheering crowd & wacky announcers.

View more screenshots. View trailer.

Price: $2.99; available for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad.

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