Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 3: Late fall in early Fall

The first day of fall (autumnal equinox) pitted two equal teams in terms of numbers and spirited play. Early points were unnecessarily long with much back-and-forth due to the sporadic (dare I say it...) breeze.

Sludge scoring started after a 0-1 deficit with a Joe assist to Nigel who backhanded to RacHel. RacHel scored another from Steve's hammer with an assist from CHarlie. Henry hit Nigel with a quick flick; 4-4. Andrew's swing to Mary Beth (pre-game at-field pick-up) to complete RacHel's hat trick; 5-4.

MicHael horizontally caught MattHew's cross-field forehand in the endzone (EZ); 7-6. With Henry's 40-yard flick to Nigel, Sludge flowed right into half; 8-6.

Sludge D forced 'lotta-throw' zone all game long. Though, longer points favored discToast, and brown seemed "out-patiented" especially in the 2nd half. Brown had its last lead at 11-10 with MB's hammer.

Sludge's slightly OFF-ense was potpourri'd with drops, forced hucks, look-offs, and EZ turnovers. Like the sideline shade umbrella, just when you thought Sludge O was securely in place, it would be knocked off-balanced. 11-12, 11-14, 13-14...Loss 13-15.

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