Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Layout D, Missed O

The latest highlight from a club Ultimate game makes SportsCenter's Top10 plays (#6) - Dylan Freechild's layout defense in the endzone with the game tied at 13's, universe point...View in HD. Freechild (#5) peels off his player to layout near the back of the end zone to 'D' the throw.

A few thoughts on this play:
1) If there had been no video of this play, it could not have been so widely distributed (& applauded). Thanks NGN!
2) The defender should have caught the disc instead of blocking it. Catch your D's!
3) If the defender had instead caught the disc, the play might not have been such a dramatic highlight.
4) Awesome recognition by the defender to peel off his player to help his beaten teammate. Don't get beat deep!
5) The offensive player who just got D'd should have made a play on the tipped disc. He eventually caught the disc, BUT he ran out of bounds instead of toe-ing the line & making a bid for the disc. The disc appears to be 5-6 feet out of bounds when caught, yet the disc is still spinning & its angle looks it could have been trailing back toward the endzone, which would have made for another try at the disc closer to the back line. Don't *ever* give up on any disc in the air!

Player catches the disc out of bounds after the blocked D.
(Sceengrab from NGN footage)

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