Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama speaks about Ultimate Frisbee

Remarks from President Barack Obama - who has recognized Ultimate before - at Bowling Green University (9/26/2012)...

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Falcons! (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thank you. (Applause.) Now, let me begin by asking everybody to give Seth a big round of applause for that great introduction. (Applause.) I was backstage and I had trouble hearing -- did he explain what was going on with his arm?

So Seth was playing, I think -- ultimate Frisbee, that’s what it was. (Laughter.) He was playing ultimate Frisbee. He went up -- he was going to make this amazing touchdown, and he had the Frisbee and somebody cut him under his legs, cut out from under him. It is clear replacement refs were in the game. (Laughter and applause.) 

He broke his wrist. He was supposed to get it set yesterday but he didn't want to miss this. (Applause.) So when he came up here, his wrist was not yet set, and he’s going to have to go to the hospital afterwards to get his wrist set.

Now, I just want to make the point that if Seth can come up here with a broken wrist, then there is not a student here who cannot get registered and make sure they go to vote. (Applause.) No excuses. No excuses. You got to play through injuries, Falcons. (Laughter.)


THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. I’m glad to be here. (Applause.)

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At least he said "ultimate" frisbee.....