Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alternative Logo: Boston Whitecaps

Boston Whitecaps alternative logo
As if the professional sport of Ultimate wasn't alternative enough. The Major League Ultimate Shop unveiled a new product with an "alternative" logo for the 2013 MLU Champion.

Per an MLU rep, alternative logos were recently designed for the Puma jerseys, to be worn in the upcoming 2014 season. More logos are expected soon, but for now, only one team's alternative logo has been released - Boston Whitecaps cap. Get it...? A white cap for the Whitecaps!

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Katy Merckel said...

No!! The original Whitecap logo was really the only decent one in the bunch... Don't change it for this vague nineties crap. Plus, that W wouldn't be recognizable (even as a W!) on it's own.

Sludge said...

Agreed, Katy. The Whitecaps logo shield is so fresh, so clean. This alt logo is unbalanced &, yeah, that "W" looks more like a ghost than a wave.