Sunday, November 17, 2013

WAFC Tournament: 11.16.13

While 495 traffic delayed arrivals to Lake Fairfax, playing down one player allowed for less traffic in the cutting lanes. Sludge played 5:1 for the first 8 points and kept competitive; 4-4. Joe's low loft to Rachel, Henry to Matthew, Matthew to Chris. At 5:2, Sludge continued playing sticky defense in the first half. Yet, break chances were not capitalized on.

Down 6-8 at half, Sludge was now at full (4:3) strength. Sludge forced their multi-throw zone which was countered by Furry Tractor's new found patient offense. Except for one point against a zone defense, brown could not find a good flow on offense.

Sludge's forward progress was impeded as if the traffic jam had spilled onto the ultimate field. After scoring 4 points in the first 8 points, Sludge managed only 5 scores in the last 16 points. Loss 9-15.

Notable quotes from the sidelines:
"Playing with only 6 players might reduce our chances to advance" - Chris H.

"There's not enough wind to play person defense." - Mike F.

"See you at pickup!" - Unknown

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