Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 Rejected Nicknames for Toronto Rush

Toronto Wildfire? Toronto Wizzards?? 

This old online survey - Professional Ultimate Coming to Toronto - reveals the Toronto Rush considered the 'Toronto Wildfire'. As we know, Wildfire became the team name for AUDL's Chicago (Windy City) and Toronto was inspired locally, taking the Rush name.

First question: How do you feel about the following names for the new Toronto AUDL Professional Ultimate team?
  • Toronto Winterhawks
  • Toronto Wildfire
  • Toronto Wolfpack
  • Toronto Skyhawks
  • Toronto Wizzards 
[Screengrab] online survey for AUDL's Toronto team name

The survey was recently discovered, yet its distribution is unavailable/unknown. If valid, then it's estimated to have been created prior to April 2012.  Besides the Wildfire name, the survey shows other possible names Toronto considered. There are two potential names with "hawks," which somehow later nested with MLU's Vancouver Nighthawks.

Survey Intro: Professional Ultimate is coming to Toronto! The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) is expanding and we'll have an expansion team playing in the 2013 season. We want your help in selecting a great team name and choosing a venue to call our home field. Thanks for taking a few minutes to give us your feedback!

[The Rush played their inaugural 2013 season at Varsity Stadium.]

Question 7: Thanks so much for your feedback, can you tell us a little about you?

[Answer is limited to male or female.]

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