Wednesday, November 06, 2013

No DC Sports Team Name Unturned

After the D.C. Council passed a resolution to rename the Washington Redskins NFL football team on Tuesday, they continued with their DC sports agenda.  Responding to complaints submitted by disgruntled constituents, the legislative branch then addressed DC's professional Ultimate team names.

"The Breeze term is very weak for a team name," a Councilmember (Ward 9) said. "My niece's youth soccer team name - the Puppies - are on par with gentleness."

Asked about the DC-area's other pro Ultimate team, an At-large member said, "The Current is just nondescript. If District residents wanted abstract, we would visit an art museum."

The bottom line for the D.C. Council is neither of these teams can be represented by a mascot, and therefore hurts job creation.

A resolution seeking to improve names of Washington, DC-based pro Ultimate teams expects to pass, after which it will be forwarded to teams owners Aaron Foreman (Breeze) and Mark Evangelisto (Current).


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