Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hamburger Frisbee

Hamburger Frisbee
Similar to Angry Birds, except the birds are burgers & you're throwing them like a Frisbee, not from a slingshot.

How to play: To win points, throw (backhand) hamburgers (discs) onto the grill before the gas runs out.

To play the game:
1. Select the difficulty.
2. Turn on the gas.
3. Start throwing burgers by swiping screen were shown.
4. Turn off gas before it runs out.

Game Ends: Either when player turns off the gas, or when gas runs out.

Game Help: There are 2 devices to help decide when to turn off the gas:
1) The pressure gauge on the tank.
2) The PropaneGasGenie(R) on the side of the tank.

--> Play Hamburger Frisbee online or on smartphones.

Weird-kneed griller with a follow-through 
Reaction after landing a backhand on the grill.

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