Thursday, November 07, 2013

Coverage of the First Intercollegiate Frisbee Game

The day after the very first intercollegiate Ultimate game in 1972 was played, here's how a few newspapers covered the historic event the next day:

Rutgers Holds Off Princeton to Win -- In Frisbee [NY Times; Nov 7, 1972]

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Nov. 6 -- On the same site where, 103 years ago to the day, Rutgers and Princeton squared off in college football's first game, the same two colleges clashed today in what was billed as the first intercollegiate game of Ultimate Frisbee.
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Now It's Frisbee [The Dispatch; Nov 7, 1972]

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. (UPI) - Princeton and Rutgers, the universities which played the first intercollegiate football game 103 years ago, met Monday in a roped off parking lot in the nation's first organized intercollegiate frisbee match.

History was repeated - Rutgers won the match 29-27. On Nov. 6, 1869, Rutgers beat Princeton 6-4 on a New Brunswick football field.

A crowd of about 400 gathered around the parking lot behind the Rutgers gymnasium to watch the frisbee match, played between seven-person teams according to rules developed by Columbia High School of Maywood, N.J. Princeton asked for a rematch - this time on grass and on its home turf.

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