Friday, November 29, 2013

Freakonomics is Freakin Awesome

Freakonomics Radio is always so good, though their portrayal of Ultimate is FREAKIN' AWESOME!

What Do Skating Rinks, Ultimate Frisbee, and the World Have in Common?

...The sport of Ultimate Frisbee offers another interesting lens on how people self-police. In most cases, the game has no referee, instead relying on players to make all the calls. Even the official rules refer to players being "morally" bound to uphold "Spirit of the Game" when they play.

Jody Avirgan, a self-professed Ultimate fanatic who plays for PoNY & NY Rumble, coherently walks the host Stephen Dubner through the particulars, and talks about how the sport might be different if it did have refs.

The entire podcast (46 mins:38 sec) is worth a listen as the host asks other sports leaders to consider how Ultimate's ethos would work for soccer and basketball. LISTEN AT: Freakonomics podcast [11/21/2013]

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