Monday, November 18, 2013

Major League Ultimate on FOX Sports 1

Major League Ultimate was a featured sport on The Jones and Moseley Show, which is . The "JoMo Show" runs on Fox Sports 1 (FS1) - a direct competitor to ESPN - is a sports-oriented cable channel which launched in August 2013.

The November 17 episode of "JoMo Show" featured MLU's Championship game from July 13, 2013. The Jones and Mosley Show, hosted by ex-NFL player Dhani Jones & Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, recapped game footage with concentrated bits of info in the sidebars. Sidebar topics ranged from history, lingo, specific professional ultimate rules to random factoids. See below...

The History

Flying Disc Creation: 1938. Walter Morrison. Invented after tossing a cake pan back and forth with his wife.
Actually, it was a popcorn tin lid that the Morrisons flung.
Invention of the Rules: 1968. Joel Silver. Developed the rules at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ.
1st Intercollegiate Game: November 6, 1972. Rutgers University vs. Princeton University
November 6, 1972: Was also the 103rd anniversary of the 1st organized football game. Which was also played by Princeton and Rutgers.

The Inside Info / Game
Play: Player can advance disc by throwing complete pass, or Tipping disc without the disc first touching the ground.
Average game score is 15 points.
MLU games are officiated, opposite of many other self officiated leagues.
If a Frisbee is thrown out of bounds, the in-bounding player must touch the ground with the disc before throwing it back in.

The Lingo
"Invalid Pass": When player hands off pass without throwing the pass.
"Marking": Guarding the thrower within 10 feet of the thrower's pivot spot.
"Stall Count": 7 seconds permitted to the thrower before they must release the disc.

The Rules
Back Pass: If the goalie picks up the ball after receiving a back pass from a teammate, their opponent is awarded a penalty kick.
General Manager: Jeff Snader. 2012 Philadelphia Spinners split from the American Ultimate Disc League. Created the MLU.
Snader wasn't just the GM of the 2012 Spinners, he was the owner & coach.

The Inside Info / Popularity
Participants: Almost 5 million people participate in Ultimate Frisbee in the US alone.
Popularity: Over 7 million players in 80 countries.

The Inside Info / Random
World Event: MLU has yet to be entered into the Olympics. Has been a medal earning sport at the World Games since 2011.
Er, Flying Disc (Ultimate); not MLU.
Distance: In one match, some players run 5+ miles.
Seems like a lot of running! Data source?
175 Gram Frisbee Weighs the Same as: 3 tennis balls. 70 pennies. 310 goose feathers.

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