Friday, November 01, 2013

DC Mayor's Proclamation Honors Scandal

Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray recognized DC Scandal's 2013 USA Ultimate championship with an official proclamation whereas October 20, 2013 was "Scandal Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team Day" in DC.

Proclamation image:
DC Mayor's proclamation of "Scandal Ultimate Team Day"

Full Proclamation PDF:

Proclamation text:
OCTOBER 20, 2013

WHEREAS, founded in 2007, Scandal is the District of Columbia's elite women's Ultimate Frisbee team; and

WHEREAS, Scandal won three competitive tournaments during the 2013 regular season and earned the #1 seed in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals - the second stage of the of the USA Ultimate Club Championship Series; and

WHEREAS, Scandal won the Mid-Atlantic Regionals to qualify for the USA Ultimate National Championships and Scandal went undefeated at the 2013 USA Ultimate National Championships, to clinch the women's national title; and

WHEREAS, on October 19, 2013, Scandal upset the Seattle Riot, 15-7 to advance to the finals and on October 20, 2013, defeated the seven time national champions - the San Francisco Fury 14 - 7, to clinch the women's national title; and

WHEREAS, the District of Columbia are proud and honored to have players who displayed good sportsmanship, teamwork, and determination throughout the season and who are role models for other youth in the city and surrounding area:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, do hereby proclaim October 20, 2013 as "SCANDAL WOMEN’S ULTIMATE FRISBEE TEAM DAY" in Washington, D.C. and call upon all the residents of this great city to join me in wishing them continued success on and off the field. <Vincent C. Gray>


Paul P said...

Does the District post these somewhere on a website?

Sludge said...

Dear Paul P,
Not that I'm aware of. I can confirm this Proclamation PDF is directly from Washington DC's Office of Ceremonial Services.

Anonymous said...

How did you come across this? Are copies available?...the original?

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 3:46PM,
The Proclamation request was fulfilled by DC's Office of Ceremonial Services, which shared the PDF, & then I uploaded for all to see. The request may have been as a result of a tweet sent to the Mayor's office after Scandal's win.

Open the 'Full PDF' in a new window to download or print a copy.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a member of the team,thanks for sharing it...

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:58pm,
You are very welcome. SO happy DC was able to recognize Scandal's important achievement. Congrats!