Monday, June 09, 2014

AUDL Broadcasting Enhancements

We live in a wonderful (sports)world of being able to watch live Ultimate games. Beyond that simple marvel, broadcasts now have instant replay and knowledgable play-by-play. During Saturday's live-stream of the San Francisco FlameThrowers vs San Jose Spiders American Ultimate Disc League game on ESPN3, the broadcast by Fulcrum Media employed some additional useful upgrades.

1. Mics on the ref.
When a foul call occurred, the head ref turned on their headset and audibly announced the call.

2.  Lingo definitions.
When a certain pass occurred, the definition of it would appear on screen. (e.g. "Hammer": upside-down throw...). The college USAU streams did this, too.

3. Useful real-time data.
Location, temperature, weather, wind speed, and wind direction, oh my! (similar to CBS broadcasts of the NFL.)
Screengrab from AUDL's ESPN3 broadcast

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The mic'd ref is actually a Spiders thing rather than an ESPN thing.

It is really nice for letting the crowd know what's happening on the field and for clock adjustments (when necessary).

The ref mic actually has worked better in previous games. It seemed to be cutting out sometimes in this game.