Sunday, June 29, 2014

DC Current Win MLU Eastern Conference Championships

The Washington D.C. Current hosted the Boston Whitecaps on Saturday night for the 2014 Major League Ultimate Eastern Conference Championships. Nearly 800 people attended this one-game playoff to decide which team would represent the East in the MLU Championships.

DC took an early lead to start the game; 2-0. Boston eventually took the lead and led throughout the game until the 4th quarter. Just like in week 2, the game came down to the final seconds AND on its final play. Instead of a shot to the endzone versus Boston as in week 2, the Current looked to stop them from the endzone. This time, the Current were on defense, and prevented the Whitecaps from tying the score. DC won 18-17 -- the same exact score when DC upset Boston in week 2.

DC Current hit the "First wins"trifecta against Boston in this 2014 season:
  • First team to win over Boston in the MLU (week 2, at DC) 
  • First away team to win at Boston (week 9, in Boston) 
  • First team to win over Boston in the MLU playoffs (June 28, 2014)
DC Current: 2014 MLU Eastern Conference Champs
:Other Notes:
Read the game summary [DC Current].
Hey, were there 4 refs on the field to begin the game, and then 5 refs by the second half?
Did anyone else see the fireworks in the last 2 minutes of the game?
Black ties with the DC logo were being distributed post-game. (Unsure of their exact source.)
There was a rumor stats would track types of throws for this playoff game. (Haven't seen any data yet.)
DC's version of celebrating with champagne in the locker room was eating dessert on the field in the form of decorated cupcakes & cake.
[Image via UltiPhotos]

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