Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MLU Playoff Ticket Prices

With the conclusion of MLU's 2014 regular season, there remains 2 playoffs games to determine which teams play in the MLU Championship. Both games are scheduled for Saturday, June 28th, which are hosted by the #1 seeds in each Conference.

Vancouver Nighthawks @ Portland Stags at Lincoln H.S. in Portland, OR. Tickets = $12.

Boston Whitecaps @ Washington DC Current at Catholic University in Washington, DC. Tickets = $8.

Based on a comparison of all Major League Ultimate teams, Portland and DC sold the least expensive season tickets in 2014. The Stags extended their single game ticket pricing of $12, while the Current slashed their pricing from $14 to $8 for their playoff game.

DC's GM explains: "This is cheaper than any discount code or flash sale we could do, and quite frankly, much cheaper than what our league office would like to us sell them for."

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Anonymous said...

Translation: MLU brass wanted to fist you with prices. Also, our overpriced tickets are now only kind of expensive instead of grossly overpriced... thanks...