Sunday, June 22, 2014

Random Pics of Windmill Windup X

Whilst in Amsterdam last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to experience "The Ultimate Frisbee Festival" in Amsterdam -- Windmill Windup. This well-organized, fun tournament hosted nearly 90 Ultimate teams. I arrived to the Nationaal Rugby Centrum via Citybus 21to check out the final games on Sunday, June 16th.
Thank You sign from Windmill Windup Crew [at ticket desk]
WW tokens for food, drinks and gear.
Windmill Windup "say NO to plastic" swag bag
The next 3 photos capture the halftime event of fans trying to throw their disc into the bicycle that Herbie (the elephant) rides from one endzone to the other.
Herbie navigates the field during halftime while fans attempt to throw
their disc into the bicycle's basket.
Fans rush the Ultimate field littered with thrown discs. 
Out of ~400 thrown discs, only 1 disc hit its target (in the basket)!
 1500+ fans fill the stadium and surround the field for the finals.

Nice use of Ulti gear by the Get Horizontal film crew.
P-lease! Nice chart explaining the wastewater recovery.
Parting gifts from Get Horizontal

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