Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random Pics from DC Breeze Game

Last Sunday (June 8th), D.C. Breeze had a comeback win 25-24 over Montreal Royal. Check out my random photos from the game:
The oft-crooked front line of the endzone was held down by a 20-lb dumbbell.

End zone ends outside the green carpeted field area. Also, there is not a line for the sideline closest to the teams.

SIGN: "Beware of Flying Objects Leaving the Field"
A rare sighting of Tyler Degirolamo sans gloves.
(We're no UltiPhotos!)


Paul P said...

To be fair, I believe your end zone line photo was taken while they were still setting it up.

Sludge said...

Fair enough. This was a particularly bad moment. Tho, the front EZ lines required constant adjustments throughout the game.