Tuesday, June 24, 2014

U.S. Open Ultimate Championships Broadcast Schedule

Fifteen games of the 2014 "season's first major Triple Crown Tour event" are scheduled to be broadcast over July 3-6. NexGen will be providing early coverage - buy access for $15 - of club ultimate games in Blaine, Minnesota, and then ESPN3 for the later games.

Thursday, July 3
10:00a Ironside vs. Johnny Bravo
12:15p Sockeye vs. Clapham
2:30p Scandal vs. Fury
Friday, July 4
10:00a Johnny Bravo vs. Sockeye
12:15p Riot vs. Iceni
2:30p Revolver  vs. Ironside
Saturday, July 5
10:00a Women's Round-Robin (Round 7)
1:00p Mixed Semifinal #1 – Teams TBD
3:30p Women's Semifinal #1
4:30p Women's Semifinal #2
6:30p Men's Semifinal #1
9:00p Men's Semifinal #2
Sunday, July 6
12:00p Mixed Championship Game
2:30p Women's Championship Game
5:00p Men's Championship Game

Here's a breakdown of the broadcast coverage of the 2014 U.S. Open Ultimate Championships, by division:
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